The Inflatable Paddle Delta 10′ Summer Premium 2024 is the new star of our Allround collection, perfectly suited to a variety of aquatic environments. This edition reinvents the concept of versatility with its high-density Premium Dropstitch core, offering unmatched stiffness and increased longevity, while preserving remarkable ease of maneuver and lightness. Ideal for those taking their first step into the world of paddling or for family activities, this model stands out for its ability to convert into a kayak, adding a playful dimension to your experience on the water.

Accompanied by a complete pack designed to maximize your enjoyment right out of the box, the Delta 10′ Summer Premium 2024 includes a convenient carry bag for your travels, a three-part detachable SUP paddle that can be adjusted according to each user’s needs, and a high-pressure manual pump for efficient and quick inflation. The benefit of an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board far exceeds its mere ability to compact for transport.

The Delta 10′ Summer Premium 2024 invites you to rediscover the joy of navigating, whether in SUP or kayak, thanks to its innovative design and accessories designed for your comfort and safety. Prepare to experience unforgettable moments on the water, where innovation, versatility, and fun meet to create exceptional paddleboarding and kayaking experiences.

Additional information

Weight 12,8 kg

10' (305 cm)
Discover the compact design of the Delta 10' Paddle, a perfect choice for lighter users or those wanting an ultra-responsive board to master the waves. This compact format not only makes transport and storage easier but also ensures exceptional maneuverability on the water, thus offering an incredible experience.


32'' (81 cm)
The design of the Delta 10' Paddle board with its optimized width ensures a perfect balance between stability and performance. Ideal for beginners, this board facilitates learning while promising excellent sensations over long distances, making each outing on the water both secure and exhilarating.


6'' (15 cm)
The entire Delta SUP collection incorporates a 6-inch Dropstitch structure, ensuring an ideal compromise between volume and stiffness for enhanced performance. This advanced construction technology ensures that the board retains its shape, even under a significant load, offering constant tension and a stable surface without sagging.


The benefit of an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board far exceeds its mere ability to compact for transport. Thanks to recent advances in production methods, it is now possible to achieve boards that are both high-end and incredibly light, thus combining superior quality and ease of use.


125 kg (276 lbs)


Delta SUP boards feature four metal D-rings specifically designed for the addition of a kayak seat, offering the flexibility to transform your paddle into a compact kayak to navigate in demanding conditions or simply to vary the pleasures.


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